Up at the State House


For those of you who missed it, last night Representative Deborah Ruggiero hosted a constituent meeting in Middletown at the Public Library.

Like the rest of the country, Rhode Island legislators have their eyes on Florida and want to figure out a way to prevent another Parkland.  We had a meaningful and open dialogue about gun legislation, red flag laws, school resource officers, and what looks right for our state.  Connecticut took action after Sandy Hook.  Rhode Island does not want to wait to act until after there is an incident in our state.

We’ll keep watching this to see what bills are proposed.

Shifting gears, Rep Ruggiero was very interested in hearing what people thought of the stadium in Pawtucket.  She shared that many people she hears from fear that building a new stadium will be another 38 Studios.  One thing to know about this Paw Socks, is that if they move to another city, they will not be coming back to Rhode Island.

We’d love to know your thoughts on both of these issues.  But more importantly, get involved and share your thoughts with your local Representatives.  Most of us have our eyes on Washington, but things at the State and Town level are the things that have the most direct impact on our lives.



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