Rewriting history


People have a funny way of looking back in time and seeing things the way they want to see them instead of how they happened.

Through social media, I’ve seen a video posted with the Governor from Kentucky Matt Bevin sharing his thoughts on the value of life and the gun issue.  While I love the idealism of his thoughts, part of his premise is that back 10, 20, 30, 40, even 50 years ago people valued life more and we had less issues with gun violence.

There are a few flaws with this.

1- The governor is 51 years old, looking back 50 years ago he was a baby so his memory of that time is based on what other people told him.  If you look back 50 years it was not a time of harmony and peace.

– In 1959, the Clutter Family was murdered in Cold Blood

– In 1966, Charles Whitman shot 14 people from a tower at the University of Texas

2- There has been gun violence in our schools of some kind or another starting in 1764.

3- Columbine and Paducah both happened 20 years ago

4- The Virginia Tech shooting happened 10 years ago

When we look back on time, we rewrite it so it fits the narrative that we want.  We remember the good times and erase the bad.  Not remembering, does not erase it, it just means we distanced ourselves to the point that it is no longer relevant or part of the story we remember.

“We learn from history that we do not learn from history.”
― Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel



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