Only two things are certain- senior housing and taxes


April 16, 2018 meeting highlights

It was an interesting night at the town council meeting.  You know it is going to be interesting when you show up for a meeting and there are no parking spaces.  Aside from the drama from the meeting about the police memorial and some discussion about safety at our schools, the remaining drama was reserved for some heated discussion amongst the council members about town issues.

Senior Housing

There appears to be some traction being made on the senior housing issue.  The council is putting together a committee that is charged with developing a plan for senior housing.  The logic is that if the town develops a sound plan, the next time funding is available through state and federal grants and programs the town will be able to capitalize on those opportunities.  This will take some time, but it is something worth watching.


Councilman Dennis Turano stirred up a bit of discussion about property taxes.  The town is exploring changing the way property taxes are handled.  One of the recommendations is looking at how California handles their property taxes, locking people into rates and only allowing for incremental increases.

In order for the town to change the process, we need to have the state assembly’s approval.  This means we need to have a plan in place before August 8 in order to get things to the state level.

One of the X factors is we do not know what the new tax rates will be.  When the town reevaluates homes, they also adjust the tax rate so that people do not have an extreme increase in taxes.  We aren’t sure when the new tax rates will be out, but the town is working on that now and tax bills will be out in August.

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