I hate bucket lists


Jimmy and I just went on a road trip to Kentucky to watch the Derby.  When we got home and started posting our pictures, we got a few comments about how this needs to get added to their bucket list.  Reading those comments, I realized I hate bucket lists.

I appreciate the idea of making a list of things to do.  But for so many people, all a bucket list ends up being is a list, a dream list of things someone wants to do but probably will not do.

Jim and I started our planning to go to the Derby about 10 years before we actually went.  We didn’t put it on our bucket list of things to do one day, instead we said we are going to the Derby.  However, we just did not quite know when.  That part took some time because we knew that we could not just take off and go (adulting, you get it).  But we always kept the trip on our radar and kept the focus on we will go, not we want to go or one day we will do it.

I’ve come across too many people who wrack up lists of dreams instead of lists of things they will do.  I would rather have my to do list instead of my bucket list.

We still have things on the list that we are working towards.  The key is we are making steps to make those things happen.  We aren’t waiting for the right time or to win the lottery.

Our to do list is fluid.  Some things we may never get to and we are good with that.  And our interests change, so the list grows and changes.

Next up…….we’re working on it, we have some adulting to do first to make it happen.




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