Letting go- The Washington House


The past year has moved along, blur is not the right word even though a lot has happened.  Equally dragged is not the right word.  But things have moved.

Since retiring Jim and I have been making changes.  One of the big ones is finally letting go of the house in Washington.  It was a project that forced Jim into moving away from his job at Inspire (something he needed to do) and face the house we’ve owned for nearly a decade.  The house in Washington was our elephant in the room.  Something that was always there, but rarely spoke of.

Things finally came to a head after Jim took a trip out west to check on the state of the house and start the selling process.  It turned into something much bigger and in many ways more daunting.  Our tenant annihilated the house.  It was in a state of such disrepair, it became something we could no longer pretend did not exist.

So we did the practical thing, Jim quit his job and moved out to Washington to fix the house.  It was a “project” we thought might take a few months, but it turned into over 6 months, 4 cross country car trips, the loss of our Lucy Dog, a lifetime of cursing, and eventually letting go.



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