You either run or you don’t


During my time in the Coast Guard, part of it was spent on a ship based out of Virginia.  Working out on a ship can be challenging, but I made a concerted effort to get on the treadmill or do some yoga on the flight deck.  One morning when I was up running the Captain of the ship came up to do his morning run.  AP White was a get to business kind of guy, so he got straight to the business of running.  But before he did he said “you either run or you don’t.”

What an incredibly simple philosophy, not just for working out.  For most things you either do them or you don’t. Stay in a relationship or leave, go on a trip or don’t, read a book or don’t read a book.  It’s all very simple. Of course there are consequences to doing or not doing. But I (like most people) can get stuck on the part before the doing, should I or should I not.

But I’m practicing.  Some things are easier.  Surfing, I’ve got no problem surfing over not surfing (except when there are no waves, but that is beyond my control).  Where things get complicated for me is when we head into unfamiliar territory.  That makes me pause and start a list of things that concern me.  A list that I can easily (and often use) to not do something, even if it is something I really want to do.

A few months ago I was tested.  Tara (my step-daughter) sent me a message asking if I wanted to go to this thing called GRRRL Live.  I had no idea what GRRRL was but I checked it out and before I could make my list of why not, I messaged back and said let’s do it.  That night I bought a ticket so I wouldn’t have time to chicken out.

This caused me to rethink some things.  I realize that there are things I really want to do but for whatever reason put on hold or never do.  Things like travel with a girlfriend or the one I’ve been toying with for years getting my yoga instructor certification.  I guess it is time for me to decide, am I going to run or not.



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