What you see, how you see

A few years ago I was taking an on line class.  One of our assignments was to read “Walden” by Henry David Thoreau.  In the discussion board posts, there were quite a few students who struggled with the book.  The one thing I found in common in those students was they were all from the west coast.  This made me wonder, if they found what Thoreau was writing difficult to visualize because the landscape in California is very different from Massachusetts.  (Just a theory because another possibility is they thought the writing sucked or it just did not speak to them.)

As Jim and I do more cross country road trips, there is so much beauty in the country.  But the beauty is so vastly different.  And as we drive I think back to reading “Walden”, how much does what you know and what you see in the world shape you, how you think, and your perspective?


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