Critical Thinking and COVID-19


As we learn more about the coronavirus, I’ve noticed quite a few social media posts that lack critical thinking and instead support beliefs and in some cases political positions.

So why not take a moment to do some critical thinking.

Comparing death rates

I have seen several posts that compare the death rates of covid-19 to other diseases and other causes.

Things to think about:

This virus is new and we are still collecting data.

This is a virus and spreads from one person to another, unlike cancer or obesity.

A country might not be reporting all of their data.

And the one I think is really important, one of the primary reasons the death toll is not higher is because of modern medicine.  Some people who get sick from the virus end up hospitalized, admitted to intensive care, and are given treatment that saves their life.

This only kills old people

The current numbers support that you are more likely to die after contracting coronavirus if you are older.

However, young people are not immune from getting the virus.  A young person who contracts the virus can still end up hospitalized and getting treatment that saves their life.

The economy

We can all see the economy is not doing well.  People are out of work.  Both small and big businesses are not sure how they will survive.  And if you are like me, you’ve watched your investments drop.

Some feel that the impact on the economy could be worse than the virus.  I don’t pretend to have an answer for this one, just some things to critically think about.

If we go back to operations normal, how many people will contract the virus and get too sick to work?  (How could this impact our overall work force?)

If we go back to operations normal, if you are sick or not feeling well, how likely are you to spend money on non-essentials?

If we go back to operations normal is it possible that the long term affects on the economy could be more damaging than what we are experiencing right now?

As businesses close doors, what new businesses emerge that are better suited to withstand and adapt in times of crisis and adversity?


The big takeaway is that this is not a simple issue.  Every decision we make will have an impact.  We need to be put away our biases and critically think.


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