And just like that everything is back to normal? WRONG


I love the story Alice in Wonderland.  Alice jumps through the rabbit hole and goes on an adventure.  She has experiences, gains insight, and comes out the other side different.

Lately I hear a lot of talk about when things go back to normal.  And what I think most people mean by that is, when things go back to the way they used to.  Normal isn’t a tangible thing, it’s just an idea.  And after an experience like the COVID crisis, no one and nothing will go back to the way things used to be.

Yes a lot of things will recover, but there will be change.

And everyone will react differently.

I love the optimism of things like this….


but I don’t think it is realistic.  There will be people who will barely leave their house after this.  A personal financial crisis causes people to re-think how they save and spend their money.  Some families have discovered the joy of cooking at home.

I’ve spoken to friends who are reevaluating their lives.  They see how precious time is and how at any moment everything can change.  For them it is time to take out the bucket list and start checking things off.

There are people who are successfully working from home.  Some people really like it.  How easy will it for them to go back to work the place when at home they are doing work the thing?

How many businesses will recognize teleworking is viable?  Doctors have been doing more visits using technology.  Will these cause a shift in commercial development?

Normal is not the right term and in this instance it is a bad term.  Things will never go back to the way they used to be.

Alice came out the other side of the rabbit hole a different person so why do we think we will come out the other side of the way we were before?

And finally remember, when you stretch the elastic out on your pants, they will never fit the same way again.



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