People and they

“People are going to die.  They die no matter what.”


This is a quote from one of the people protesting to re-open the country and businesses.  I think this is a profound quote.  Why?  Not because of the obviousness of the circle of life and death and the acknowledgment that all things die.  But because how it was stated.  The words people and they.

People means other people.  And they does not mean me or my group.  The statement points outward.  The statement is a rationalization about how COVID 19 affects other people but not me or those around me.

The questions people should be asking themselves and be prepared to answer are very different.

Am I okay dying because of I’ve contracted the coronavirus?

If I contract the virus and I am asymptomatic, am I okay with passing the virus along to my family and friends?

If my family members contract the virus, am I okay if they die?

Thinking about things in terms of abstract ideas that affect other people is easy, but if you want to be truthful and real you have to consider what happens if it affects you, personally and directly.

And if you are still adamant with protesting to open the country then next time when you are asked say, “I am going to die.  My family and friends will die no matter what.”




  1. You said that beautifully. I’m sharing this with an acquaintance of mine that feels like everything should be opened back up.


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