Another word for change

Knoxville, TN

I’ve been seeing a lot of social media posts about the “New Normal” and how terrible it is.  But let’s face it, the new normal is just another way of saying change.  And let’s be honest most people hate change and many have a total fear of it.

We humans are funny creatures.  How many people do you know will stay in a shitty relationship because it’s comfortable and they know what they have?  They are afraid to change because they don’t know what is on the other side.

But when change happens we survive and often times we get better.

How many of us can barely function without our phones now?  At one point in time a bunch of people feared cellphones, thought they were useless and stupid.  Why would they change from the perfectly good landline?  Guess what, having a cellphone for every member of the family is the New Normal.

We’ve even survived changes brought about by our government.  Remember the time when kids could be in cars without child seats or when we didn’t have to wear seatbelts?  Or how about all of the fun we had when people could smoke anywhere they wanted to?  Child seats, seatbelts, and restrictions on smoking is now all part of the New Normal.

We are going through changes today.  Right now some companies who feared the idea of teleworking have had a change to see it in action.  And some of those companies are ready to change and allow people to continue working from home.  This is going to be part of the New Normal.

Schools are looking at how to adapt education and as they do these changes will be added to the New Normal.

Families are relearning what it means to spend quality time together.  New Normal.

Yes, some of us are wearing masks now.  We’ve had to change the way we socialize and dine.  And these changes like seatbelts and cigarettes are intended to save lives.

At the end of the day, none of us know what the changes will really be.  But fearing this idea of the “New Normal” is about being afraid of what is on the other side of change.  It is easier to wrap that blanket of what we know tightly around us, than to expose ourselves to something that might be different.



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