Destroying the Death Star


In the 1977 movie Star Wars, the rebel alliance had to deal with the death star that the empire created.  The empire was planning on using it to destroy planets.  Destroying a planet is terrible for anyone living on it.

The rebel alliance tried some attacks on the death star, but they discovered a bunch of people shooting at it really didn’t do much because of the types of defenses on the death star.  The empire was ready for pretty much anything that you could throw at them.

But (spoiler alert) there was a vulnerability.  A very small weakness in the death star that if the rebel alliance could concentrate all of their effort and energy into that one spot, they knew that they could destroy the death star.  Which of course they did, successfully launching a movie franchise (but that really isn’t the point).

The same approach needs to be applied to other really big problems which are of death star proportion.  Find the small vulnerabilities and attack those areas.  It may not feel as satisfying as just shooting at the all things empire, but a solid coordinated and concentrated attack can be pretty damn successful.  And it can even stop something powerful enough to destroy a planet.

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