Defund the police: A new idea is a bad idea or is it just an idea to consider?


Watching the discussion unfolding about defunding the police (and yes I admit the word defund is quite problematic in garnering support) it reminds me of a scene in “The Croods”.

Eep meets Guy.  After her encounter with Guy, she tries to tell her family about something new.  The response is “new is a big problem” and “new is always bad”.  Then family put Eep in the middle of the kill circle.  Eep tried to make her case and pulled out a shell to call Guy and her family immediately destroyed the shell.

When we watch an animated movie we can laugh at the character who is afraid of new things.  We know that the new thing isn’t scary and is actually really awesome.

However, in the real world most of us act very much like Crood.  When a new idea is introduced we shut it down right away and form our kill circle where we crush new ideas and innovations.

The discussion of defunding the police is no different.  It is simply a new idea that is different from the current way we do things.

Instead of listening openly we can stop at the word defund and fill in the blanks about what that means, listen to outlets that are known for crushing new ideas, hate the idea because it is not our own, or dismiss it because it came from the wrong group.

Fear of change is not new.  Many people would prefer to stick with something bad because it is easier and less scary than the new and unknown.

We need to be open to new ideas and ways of doing business.  We should take the time to really listen and understand before we pull out our clubs and bludgeon something just because it is new and different.



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