I love face masks!


I love wearing a face mask.  Of course there is the correct reason for that, which is safety.  But for me it goes deeper than just safety.  When you wear a face mask people often don’t recognize you.  And that means less awkward social interactions with people who recognize while you are in the store or grabbing a coffee.

No more walking through the grocery store and trying to avoid that person you met one time at a friend’s bbq.  You know the person you had that clumsy conversation with, learning about their new hobby painting seashells with stories of their kid sprinkled in the mix.  So walk down a different aisle or pretend to not recognize them and hope that they can’t pick you out either.

Now, I can confidently walk.  Skipping the part where I thumb through my mental rolodex trying to remember the name of this person I barely know.

For all of the people who are annoyed to be wearing a mask, I can only assume they are extroverts who feel that mask wearing is impeding on their social lives.

But for those of us who are moderately to several introverted, wearing a mask can be wonderful.

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