It was just a joke

The other day I was scrolling through my social media feed and came across a news article that had me asking WTF is wrong with people.  Shortly after the NASCAR incident with Bubba Wallace a North Carolina speedway owner advertised on Facebook Marketplace a Bubba Rope.  The advertisement caused quite a bit of trouble for the owner including the loss of most of his sponsors, death threats, and several of his employees quitting.

After the advertisement was removed from social media the speedway owner apologized and added that it was just a joke.

The bull shit flag is going to fly on that one, it was just a joke.

I’m sick and tired of people backpedaling after saying something inappropriate, claiming that it was a joke and that you shouldn’t be so sensitive or politically correct.  (Don’t get me started on how people use the term politically correct as a means to be outright offensive.)

When you tell racially insensitive jokes it means you have a warped value system and there is a strong likelihood that your moral compass is broken or missing.

If you laugh out loud to a joke it doesn’t automatically qualify it as being a funny joke.  If the joke is racially insensitive and you laugh out loud, that is probably an indicator that you are not as unbiased as you might think you are (or you are trying to fit into a group and are too afraid to tell them what you really think- groupthink rears its ugly head again).

As a public service announcement if after you tell a joke you have to tell someone it was a joke, that means you should probably keep your mouth shut.



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