Enough with the “do your own research” statement

Do your own research. That is one of the stupidest things I have heard people say lately (or write lately).

Let’s unpack this for a second. When someone says do your own research what they mean is, the research you are looking at is wrong and I am looking at the correct information.

When you say do your own research it implies so many things. But the person never asks, hey what research have you done to come to this conclusion. Which in fact is a much better question.

Someone who says do your own research tends to be getting information from non-scientific literature. When something is not peer reviewed, that is an issue. When an experiment can not be replicated, that means there is a problem.

My big take away from people who say do your own research is that it means the person saying the statement doesn’t know dick about science and is only finding information that supports their ideas.

People who present scientifically packaged but non-scientific information are actually just trying to manipulate people.

So yes do research, but save the do your own research crap and why not say what you really mean?

One last thing, learn the difference between facts and opinions.

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