Free speech not freedom from consequences

All of the talk lately of cancel culture has me scratching my head. To me cancel culture is just a way to point outward in an attempt to avoid being held accountable.

I’ve read that some people are afraid to speak their mind. But my challenge back is simple, if you are not saying anything inappropriate (and if you aren’t clear on what constitutes inappropriate, then we really have a lot of work to do) then why have fear.

The more I roll this around in my head the more I realize that cancel culture point outward, not my fault, I am the victim. Accountability point inward, accept my fault, accept responsibility for my actions.

In these discussions I hear a whole lot about free speech. But let’s take a moment to review some things. Free speech and saying whatever you want with no consequences are not the same thing. The dumbass things people are saying are not protected under the constitution. And I’ve read it a few times and no matter how many times I read it or contort the words the outcome stays the same, your complaint is not a violation of free speech.

For years some groups of people have had the freedom to say what they want without consequences and now there are consequences for your actions. Grow up and take some responsibility for your life, your actions, and your words. Quit blaming everyone else for your failings.

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